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SemSeo Inc. is the digital marketing agency (SEO, SEM, Buzz) which makes it possible for companies to get result within limited amount of time and limited investment in their SEM campaign. Our approach is both massive and agile with sem campaign and content marketing Why is SemSeo Inc is the best agency for you?

  1. No blabla. We deliver simply results to bring you up in the search engine results. For this purpose, it is all about content and buzz. We build reports for you to follow our work month over month on our sem campaign.
  2. We are analytical. There is no challenge we cannot handle with  deep and thorough analysis. We analyze your online situation and define a strategy to quickly bust your online visibility thanks to your sem campaign.
  3. We do work.  As opposed to many other online marketing agencies which take advantage of your ignorance of online marketing to sell you anything they can, we focus on what you need and what will work for you. And then, we do the job to increase your visibility as quick as possible thanks to our sem campaign.
  4. We are cost-effective. Based in China, we are able to offer prices that are competitive and a level of quality that makes it possible for you to rank well on search engine and being visible. We optimize all our sem campaign to offer best prices to our clients.
  5. Finally, we are transparent. We say what we do and we do what we say. You will know exactly what we do in the sem campaign since there is no mystery in our work but hard work and long-time commitment.

SemSeo Inc is based in Shanghai with a team of Americans, Vietnamese, Chinese and French.



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When you search for a keyword on Google, Bing, Yahoo or Baidu your request is processed by an algorithm that analyses all the web pages in order to select the ones that are most relevant to your keyword.
The pages that appear on top of the Search Engine Result Page (SERP) are the ones that meet most of the algorithm’s requirements. Your sem campaign must have targets and goals to achieve a good position on the SERP.


Your visibility online matters a great deal. Being highly visible allows you to reach potential clients. While looking for a product or a service your customers use search engines this means that the higher ranked the more clicks you will get.  And more traffic on your website will follow along with sales.
Achieving great ranking on Search Engine Result Pages through sem campaign is the result of a comprehensive work both on the website and on other platforms backed by substantial copywriting and content production. 



Our team of experts will help you to determine what SEO strategy will be most efficient according to your specific needs.  What keywords you should focus on depending on your targeted audience and how to rank up your website quickly on those keywords while enhancing your e-reputation though sem campaign.
We can advise you on the specificities of each search engine algorithm and how to adapt to their ever-changing features to make sure that your website appears in the first results on the long run.
Our work is comprehensive since we will focus both on your website’s features in order to comply with algorithms’ criteria and on external platforms.


We strongly believe in white hat SEO that consists in following the guidelines of the search engines. Our SEM campaign goal is to provide optimization for your website while focusing on relevancy and achieving high organic rankings (as opposed to ad inserts on the side of the SERP) that will lasts and enhance your online reputation.
We believe in offering comprehensive solutions to our clients so that they do not have to worry about anything.

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Meet the team

  • Alex

    Project executive

    Alex has a strong literature and economics background. Passionate about digital marketing he is fluent in Mandarin, English, Danish and Greek.

  • Thibaud

    Project Manager

    Thibaud specialized in global SEO he has 2 years of experience in this domain and has successfully managed many projects. His clients include Daxueconsulting, d’Elysée, Mysimax and many more.

  • Olivier

    China Expert

    Olivier has an extensive knowledge of digital marketing in China. He has been living in Shanghai for over 8 years and is a successful entrepreneur along with an SEO expert.